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The Maxton OSV line is a uniquely designed, 2 for 1, elevator safety shut off valve designed to protect against elevator car overspeed in the down direction due to pipe rupture and car overload situations. The key combined feature to this valve is a newly designed Red “T” handle shut off pit valve launched in March of 2023.  That means no additional shut of ball valve is required in the pit which reduces cost, time, and number of connections at install.

The OSV STD is used in high flow system applications (300 gpm max,1136 l/min max).  Use the Maxton valve calculator for valve sizing to the job specifications.  The Maxton OSV STD can be adjusted to stop the elevator in the event of an overspeed condition resulting in an abnormally high rate of flow between the OSV STD valve and the power unit. Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.  The Maxton OSV STD complies with ASME A17.1/CSA B44 and meets (UFGS Division 14 Conveying Equip Section 14 24 00 Part requiring a valve equipped with manufacturer's manual shut off feature. The use of this valve is required in areas of high level seismic activity IE: California. Check your local codes for compliance.

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