Valve Exchanges

The Maxton valve exchange program (VEP) offers elevator professionals an economical valve replacement / modernization option versus buying a new hydraulic elevator control valve.  Order a like for like replacement on your schedule that reduces elevator downtime and field labor while increasing productivity all for as much as 50% off the cost of a new control valve.  That's why the Maxton Valve Exchange Program Won Buildings Magazine's 2011 Money Saving Products Award.  Core charge applies for Valve Exchanges.  Old rebuildable core from the job must be received by Maxton complete with all flanges within 90 days to be eligible for core charge credit.

Note: Starting January 1, 2020 Maxton will no longer maintain repair or VEP services for their elevator control valves beyond the age of 20 years rolling forward.  Valves beyond this age requiring replacement, will be “New only”.

Prior to submitting a VEP order: Have the valve serial number available from the valve being exchanged as well as size/type of flange(s) required on the valve (all valves shipped by Maxton go out with flanges attached) and the coils needed.


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