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About Maxton

Maxton Manufacturing Company has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic elevator control valves since 1968. We are pioneers in lightweight aluminum valves – aircraft-quality cast, machined with CNC precision, specifically for the elevator industry. From our national headquarters in Minden, Nevada, USA, southeast of Reno and Lake Tahoe, Maxton Manufacturing serves customers throughout North America, Canada and Mexico, Central / South America as well as Asia, the South Pacific and the Middle East.

Customer Value Proposition

Delivering products/services of fundamental usefulness transcending the hydraulic elevator professional’s business expectations for success.

Maxton Manufacturing Company (Maxton) Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

Maxton is aware of the Dodd-Frank Act regarding purchasing of minerals or derivatives determined by the US Secretary of State to be financing the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries.  Therefore, Maxton will take the required steps to source from socially responsible suppliers and ask these suppliers to continuously monitor supply chains to avoid procurement of minerals from these conflict regions.  By continuing this practice Maxton products will remain conflict mineral free going forward.


Maxton is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all main line products are CSAB44 and UL listed.

Industry Leader

The combination of our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, together with our reputation for responsiveness and reliability, has given us the distinction of being the largest single producer of elevator control valves, with Maxton holding over 80% of the available North American market and growing. By utilizing available technology, in conjunction with the expertise of a well-developed research and development team and experienced production personnel, we manufacture a product that is engineered for dependability and a long, trouble-free service life.

Maxton Valve Evolution Timeline

1992 Introduction of E-Guide Configurations (UC4/4M/4MR)- Maxton introduced three Elliptical Guide Configurations (E1, E2 & STD) into the UC4/4M series of valves. These guides allow maximizing of the piston stroke with respect to flow and pressure for less sensitive adjustment, dramatically improving viscosity performance resulting in better ride quality.

1994 Up/Down strainer location change (UC4/4M/4MR)- Maxton moved the Up and Down strainer to the top of the control plate allowing for easy access for service personal. This dramatically reduced the time needed to access and check for contamination within the valve and system.

1995 Solenoid Tube, Ball Cage, and Seat Design Change (All Valves)- Changes to the Seat and Ball Cage improved the lift-off ability of the Ball Cage and improved the capture of Ball on the center of the Solenoid Seat.

1998 Enhanced UT Compensation Circuit (UC4/4M/4MR)- Maxton enhanced the pilot flow through the UT Comp circuit providing a more constant flight time and operating temperatures under heavy use with load.

2000 Down Piston Closing Assistance (UC4/4M/4MR)- Maxton introduced change to assists in the closing the down piston in the event of sudden pressure lost to the system.

2004 New snap ring for pump flange assembly (UC4/4M/4MR)- To prevent wear on check rod and increase life of flapper.

2006 New Style Solenoid Tubes with O-Ring (All Valves)- Change made to prevent coils from vibrating and making noise.

2007 Removed retainer plate (UC4/4M/4MR) and incorporated design into body which helped prevent leakage under control plate.  Added new Teflon and expander ring designs to improve piston seals.

2007 Solenoid Coil (120 VAC / 24 VDC) Maxton changed this Solenoid Coil make up trading copper windings for redesigned steel “C” frame with removal of base plate.  This increased operation efficiency under a variety of adverse conditions including lower than recommended coil voltage.  Secondarily, it allowed for the coil to be Dual Use, 120 VAC or 24 VDC.

2011 Up/Dn piston sleeve modified (UC4/4M/4MR)- Maxton modified piston sleeves to prevent leakage from closure.  New solenoid cover and bracket design implemented adding large labeling surface, noise reduction and updated look.

2014 Barcode serial # sticker added (All Valves)- Maxton added barcode for scanning ability aiding traceability for Maxton and customer use.

2017 Square cut O-rings (All Valves)- Maxton changed to square cut O-rings for better sealing to prevent leaks.


Maxton Manufacturing Company dates back to 1949, when William M. Shrum Jr. established a small independent elevator company, on which Maxton was founded. This company grew and played a major role in promoting and developing hydraulic lift technology. In the first twenty years following the company’s founding, unique engineering and development of various lift designs generated a demand for a superior hydraulic elevator valve. Maxton responded to this need by creating a new design integrating multiple valve technology, setting a new standard in elevator control valve performance stability. A multi-generational business, the CEO of the company today is William M. Shrum III, who continues the company’s pursuit of excellence.


As a significant part of Maxton’s efforts to support our commitment to quality, we have researched and developed a computerized product test facility. Each valve must meet exact criteria of testing before being sold. Inspection and testing of each valve at every stage of preparation insures the production of safe and reliable hydraulic system components. Maxton offers a two (2) year warranty on control and safety valves.