Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maxton have a Job Specification Sheet?

Yes, a Job Specifications form is available on this web site.

Job Specification Sheet
(Adobe Acrobat® Reader required)

Is it necessary to provide Maxton with all of the job specifications requested to order a valve?

In order to provide the best valve for your application, all valve companies should require the same information. Maxton is the only valve supplier offering right and left hand models to facilitate piping as well as valves that adjust easier according to your job specifications. If you provide us with all the requested information, we can send you the valve which is best suited for your job.

How do I select the correct control valve?

You must supply the following information in order for Maxton to determine the type of valve for your application:

  1. Jack piston diameter and type (ie: direct, single, dual, roped 2:1, etc.)
  2. Contract speed
  3. Empty car weight or empty static pressure
  4. Capacity and working pressure
  5. Coil voltage
  6. Flange arrangement, size and type
  7. Position of the power unit with respect to the jack

Does Maxton have authorized distributors?

Maxton sells directly from our headquarters in Minden, Nevada. Orders may be placed via telephone, fax, e-mail and this web site. We have no authorized distributors within the United States.

Does Maxton have a rebuild kit?

Solenoid, solenoid seat and seal kits are available. These kits are available due to these items being the highest wear items which are the most field serviceable. The proper rebuilding of valves involves the replacement of critical internal components in order to upgrade them to current production standards. This may involve additional machining of the main valve components. If the valve needs to be repaired, we suggest you send the valve in for our repair and return program.

How long does it take to get a valve repaired (re-conditioned)?

Two weeks (ten working days). An expedited option is available at additional charge.  See valve repair page.

Where are Maxton's authorized repair facilities?

Maxton Manufacturing Co is the only authorized repair facility for Maxton valves within the United States. Any use of unauthorized repair facilities on our product voids all warranty claims. As a drastic cost cutting measure, these unauthorized repair facilities have been known to reuse scrap and obsolete parts in their elevator control valve repairs. The use of the original manufacturer – Maxton – for your repair needs ensures that this does not happen, and that your valve will be repaired and upgraded to current design and production standards.

Do the adjustment procedures come with the valve?

Yes, adjustment procedures are sent with each valve and can be found under the coil cover of the UC4/4M and UC1A/2A valves. Over-speed valves have the adjustment procedures attached to the top of the valve and are easily visible. Adjustment procedures for Minimax valves are included in the box with the valve. The Maxton product guide contains an adjustment procedure for each valve model. You can also find the adjustment procedures on this web site for each valve product listed.

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I have an old job with a UC1 on it; what model do I need to replace with new?

The UC1 valve is no longer manufactured or sold as new however, parts, kits, repair, and valve exchange program is available following 20 year rolling end of life valve program. The UC1A is the new performance replacement for the UC1 however, the power unit will require a plumbing reconfiguration to fit the UC1A.

What is the difference between a UC1A and UC1?

The UC1A has the pump port as the bottom port; the UC1 has the tank port as the bottom port.

I have an old job with a UC2 on it; what model do I need to replace with new?

The UC2 valve is no longer manufactured or sold as new however, parts, kits, repair, and valve exchange program is available following 20 year rolling end of life valve program. The UC2A is the new performance replacement for the UC2 however, the power unit will require a plumbing reconfiguration to fit the UC2A.

What is the difference between a UC2A and UC2?

The UC2A has the pump port as the bottom port; the UC2 has the tank port as the bottom port.

Do you repair UC3, UC3A, or UC3AM valves?

UC3, UC3A, and UC3AM valves are obsolete and are supported with a new UC4 and UC4M type valves for a direct replacement. Parts, kits or rebuilding services are no longer available.

What is the difference between a UC4 and UC4M?

The UC4 valve has the jack port on the right hand side as you are facing the adjustments on the valve. The UC4M has the jack port on the left hand side as you are facing the adjustments. The UC4 and UC4M are available in three different sizes – Std, E1 and E2.

What is the latest time I can order for the valve to ship today?

The latest time we can ship the same day is 12:00 Noon pacific standard time.

Does Maxton really test all valves before shipping?

Yes. All new and rebuilt valves undergo dynamic elevator testing under varying loads with an onboard data acquisition system monitoring flow, pressure, position and rates of acceleration and deceleration. Additionally each valve is air tested to insure zero leakage before shipment.

How much is freight?

Freight is determined by your choice of shipping company, and can only be provided after items have been processed in shipping.

What is the lead time on valves?

If you are ordering 1-3 valves such as our UC4/4M, UC1A/2A we can generally ship them within 24hrs. You can always contact sales for lead-time requirements for volume orders and for lead-time on specialty valves.

Do I need a return authorization number to return an item?

You can fill out the Returned Goods Form on this site on-line, which will provide you with an RA number. You will need an RA number to return any item.

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What number do I call for technical support?

You can use 1-775-782-1700 and ask for tech support. If you prefer, you could also e-mail our tech department using e-mail or fax to us at 1-775-782-1701.

Where do I connect a low-pressure switch on the valve?

Current production valves have a 1/8″ npt port labeled “S” for the switch connection. On prior units, a “tee” at the “b” port could be utilized.

Does a pipe rupture (seismic) valve need a power supply?

No. The Maxton OSV valves operates (trips) on pressure drop only, and resets automatically on the next run up. These valves are shipped pre-adjusted, so that only fine-tuning of the tripping speed adjustor (TS) is needed to suit your system.

Where do I mount the pipe rupture (OSV) valve?

The location of the OSV will be determined by the physical constraints of the job site, and the local and federal code requirements, which need to be met. You can find these requirements in the ASME A17.1-2000 code requirement as specified in paragraph

Does a valve need to be set at a default before it is adjusted?

No. All valves shipped from Maxton are adjusted to an operating elevator. The BPS, down speed and relief adjustor needs to be set for your system. All other adjustors should only require minor changes for a factory set valve. The default settings are to be used when starting from an unknown condition of valve adjustment.

How do I set the BPS adjustment without going to default settings on the other adjustors?

Check the relief adjustor setting (R) is adequate for the expected working pressure (factory setting is adequate for 99% of operations). Run the pump with both the up coils disconnected, and turn in the BPS adjustor until the car begins to move up. Turn the BPS adjustor out until the car stalls, then out a .5 turn more.

BPS is turned in all the way and the car does not move up?

The valve may be oversized for the application, or the pump or motor may be failing.

BPS is backed out all the way and the card still wants to move up the hoist way?

The control valve may be undersized for the application, or the US adjustor may need to be turned out more (see the trouble shooting procedure in the Maxton product guide).

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Where do I find the flow, temperature and pressure limits for a Maxton valve?

The Maxton product guide contains the specifications for use of all products. The specifications are listed on the first page of each valve section.

Can a valve be mounted on its side?

The OSV or Pipe rupture valve can be mounted in any orientation. All other valves with the solenoid operators must be mounted with the solenoids in a vertical or near vertical alignment.

What type of oil can be used with a valve?

The valve is designed for use with hydraulic grade 32 W, 150 SUS oil. The valve works equally well with petroleum base, vegetable base or synthetic oils.