Maxton Control Valve Adjustment Training Simulators

Hydraulic Elevator Valve Adjustment Training Software Version 6.0

Valve Adjustment Training Simulator Description (Free Software)

Imagine being the top Maxton control valve adjuster on your team…practice makes perfect…start today!

This detailed hydraulic elevator simulation program utilizes the UC4M series valve in conjunction with the SafeTach unit for enhanced hydraulic elevator valve adjustment training.

screen shot of field training software

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System Requirements

  • PC only
  • Pentium Processor 90 Mhz or better.
  • Windows 95 or later.
  • 32 Mb RAM.
  • 1024 x 768 with True Color (16bit) recommended.

TA4M (Field Training Aid)

TA4M (Field Training Aid) Description

photo of field training aidTA4M (Field Training Aid)

The TA4M is a complete portable Hydraulic Elevator Training Simulator with automatic controls used for training on Maxton UC4M series hydraulic elevator control valves. With this unit, a UC4M valve can be setup with many of the
same control features of a commercial elevator. The elevator car is simulated with the movement of a cylinder traveling up to 36 inches and 35 feet per minute. The slowdown signals and stopping
points have been set based on its travel and speed. The instructions and visual aids allow you to get comprehensive hands on experience for adjusting the UC4M series Maxton valve.

Field personnel training will ensure a safe and trouble free installation & operation.

TA4M System -Two stop selective PLC control & Hydraulic Drive Power Requirements 110vac 60hz 15amps

  • Maxton UC4M hydraulic elevator control valve
  • Pressure Gauges (A port, B port)
  • PLC control W/ Operator interface and display
  • Direct drive power unit with overload
  • Lighted Coil disconnect switches
  • Digital position feedback
  • Heavy Casters & Stabilizers
  • Clean and quiet, suitable for classroom use
  • Instruction Manual

System Weight: 520 lbs.
Crate: 350 lbs.
Total: 870 lbs. Ea.
Shipping: FOB our plant

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Maxton CET Hydraulic Elevator Valve Training

FYI – Ask about our in house or onsite NAEC approved 4.0 credit hour CET Maxton control valve training for elevator mechanics, engineers and service technicians!  Email for a quote


“I have never had so many of my guys thank me for setting up a training program.” Jersey Elevator Co. Inc

“The training was very insightful, highly participatory, and taught by excellent teachers.” Kencor Elevator

“I highly recommend this training”, Erik Bleyle – Bleyle Elevator

“We should have had Maxton training sooner”, Tim Conkling – Capital Elevator Co., Inc.