Online Catalog

For your ultimate convenience, Maxton is pleased to provide our hydraulic elevator valves & support products catalog / technical manual online, adjustment / troubleshooting procedures and MCP through the Maxton Mobile Mechanic APP. Now, you can always have an updated version readily available and no longer have to search your company vehicle or office to find your (old, outdated) document! You can refer to just one section or feel free to print as many entire Catalog copies as you may need for all of the elevator mechanics, sales reps and office members in your organization. Simply use the links below for the entire catalog or specific section you wish to display and /or print. And don’t forget to save the Maxton Catalog to your “bookmarks” or “favorites” so you can easily refer to it every time the need arises!

(requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader)


Engineering (4 MB)

Valve Ordering Guide / Job Spec Sheet (281 KB)

UC1A / UC2A Hydraulic Control Valve (2.24 MB)

UC4 / UC4M Hydraulic Control Valves (3 MB)

Electronic Valves (625 KB)

OSV (1.08 MB)

Maintenance (1.17 MB)

Support Products (3.42 MB)

Maxton 2019 Catalog (16 MB)

Quick Start (12 KB)

MaxGlide SDS (72 KB)

MCP Tasks & Procedures Maxton Valves  (165 KB)

Use Adobe page numbers at bottom of page when printing individual pages.