Maxton Manufacturing Company Provides Hydraulic Elevator Control Valve Training at The Elevator Company

Minden, NV- On April 27, 2018 Maxton provided hydraulic elevator control valve training for 11 mechanics at The Elevator Company in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This continuing education class delivered (4.0 credit hours) to each elevator mechanic through the NAEC’s approved Certified Elevator Technician (CET) program. These sessions are made up of classroom instruction on product knowledge, identifying and resolving common hydraulic field issues followed by practical hands on application through valve adjustment and troubleshooting using the Maxton TA4M training unit.

Maxton elevator control valve training classes are all about building efficient, competent, productive elevator mechanics that bring more value to your customers all while padding your bottom line.

Read comments by mechanics following the classes…

“Awesome learning experience…Best hands on I’ve had.”


“Very helpful…Confident I’m going to fix valve in Agoura first thing when I go back.”


“We could use more of this kind of training.”


“Thanks again to Aaron and Karlyn Semler for having us and seeing the value this class has for the success of their mechanics and business.  It was gratifying to see the aha moments during the hands-on portion of the training,” said Landon Smallwood, Technical Support / Trainer.

Now in our 50th year (1968-2018) Maxton Manufacturing Company grew into a worldwide leader that holds the distinction as the largest single producer of hydraulic elevator control valves in North America (Made in USA).  We serve all your hydraulic elevator OEM, new construction, modernization, replacement/repair, tech support and educational needs when it comes to the products we provide.  It’s time…explore our website  for access to the resources you need daily…Maxton Mobile Mechanic APP, 4.0 credits NAEC approved CET class, product specification information, free field training software, our newsletter, and how to contact us.


Maxton Manufacturing

Karl Keller (Marketing Director)


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