Maxton Manufacturing Company Obsoletes MiniMax

Minden, NV- On September 1, 2017 Maxton announced they will obsolete the MiniMax elevator control valve on October 1, 2017.  Maxton produced the MiniMax from November 1992 to October 2007 and since that time the MiniMax became a repair/VEP product only.  Maxton will no longer service, repair, nor make/supply replacement parts any longer. Going forward the Maxton MiniMax replacement valve is the EMV10.

“As the demand declined over the last 10 years, used product became scarcer, and the operation range was covered by the EMV10, it became time to obsolete the MiniMax,” said Karl Keller Marketing Director.

The EMV10 offers many advancements in total performance, faster set up, pressure/temperature compensation and ride quality while covering the flow and pressure ranges previously met by the MiniMax.  Overall, the EMV10 upgrade will impress and provide further ease of use.

It all started for Maxton Manufacturing Company in 1968 growing into a worldwide leader that holds the distinction as the largest single producer of hydraulic elevator control valves in North America (Made in USA).  We serve all your OEM, new construction, modernization, replacement/repair, tech support and educational needs when it comes to the products we provide.  It’s time…explore our website  for access to the resources you need daily…Maxton Mobile Mechanic APP, 4.0 credits NAEC approved CET class, product specification information, free field training software, our newsletter, and how to contact us.


Maxton Manufacturing

Karl Keller (Marketing Director)


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