Maxton Manufacturing Company Launches Next Generation Elevator Performance Meter SafeTach2

Minden, NV- On April 2, 2019 Maxton Manufacturing Company launched its next generation elevator performance meter, the SafeTach2 (ST2).  After nearly two decades of SafeTach sales Maxton has carried on by incorporating an App/Node combination applying the latest hardware and software with user mobile devices that takes the elevator performance meter you knew to another level. Checkout Maxton’s ST2 highlights below and view the full product with case study ROI results that await all elevator industry users.

As part of Maxton’s beta testing of the ST2 users realized substantial time/money savings through reduced labor (see case study), pinpointing problems for faster fixes, complete report generation, etc.  When the tool was taken away and users went back to working without the ST2 it was apparent how impactful this tool was to each user.  “It’s the only tool out there that gives me graphs and speeds for quick accurate adjusting of hydraulic and traction elevators. It’s like having another guy,” said David Hall, Elevator Mechanic, Koch Elevator.

As if that wasn’t a big enough reason to outfit your team…check out some of the desired and requested upgrades now realized:

  • Remote operation and data collection
  • Full use with hydraulic & traction elevators
  • Report generation and distribution
  • 3 axes (X, Y & Z) data
  • Graphing of data and ride performance
  • Huge battery life increases with rechargeability…and the list goes on!

“The SafeTach2 leaps ahead by incorporating current technology evolutions while maintaining the base functionality that earned the original its place as a must have tool for elevator professionals across North America.  This next generation tool will put a grin on your face guaranteed,” said Karl Keller Maxton’s Marketing Director.

Note: At the release of SafeTach2 the original SafeTach will be phased out as a sale item and only supported through repairs and warranty consideration.

With over 50+ years of elevator industry experience Maxton Manufacturing Company grew into a worldwide leader that holds the distinction as the largest single producer of hydraulic elevator control valves in North America (Made in USA).  We serve all your hydraulic elevator OEM, new construction, modernization, replacement/repair, tech support and educational needs when it comes to the products we provide.  It’s time…explore the SafeTach2 and the balance of our website  for access to the resources you need daily…Maxton Mobile Mechanic APP, 4.0 credits NAEC approved CET class, product specification information, our newsletter, and how to contact us.


Maxton Manufacturing

Karl Keller (Marketing Director)


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