Maxton Manufacturing Company Adds Residential/LULA Elevator Shut off Ball Valve to Offering

Minden, NV- On November 24, 2014 Maxton Manufacturing Company added a new ASME A17.1/CSA B44 compliant shut off ball valve for residential / LULA elevator applications.  The Maxton 3/4″ NPT Hydraulic Elevator Shut off Ball Valve (BV3-4) female NPT inline valve was first incorporated into the recently released RV100 Conversion Kit offered by Maxton.  After discussions with customers in the residential elevator market and success with this shut off ball valve it was decided to add it as a standalone product within Maxton’s elevator shut off valve offering.

The BV3-4 has been tested to a 5:1 safety factor for hydraulic elevator use and rated for 1000 PSI max operating pressure to match Maxton’s other residential products.

“This addition to our residential/LULA product offering will benefit those ordering EMV10 control valves and OSV25 pipe rupture valves for both modernization and new power unit design. Now all the required residential valves can be sourced with one order from Maxton,” said Karl Keller Marketing Director at Maxton.

It all started for Maxton Manufacturing Company in 1968 growing into a worldwide leader that holds the distinction as the largest single producer of hydraulic elevator control valves in North America (Made in USA).  We serve all your OEM, new construction, modernization, replacement/repair, tech support and educational needs when it comes to the products we provide.  It’s time…explore our website  for access to the resources you need daily…Maxton Mobile Mechanic  APP, 4.0 credits NAEC approved CET class, product specification information, free field training software, our newsletter, and how to contact us.


Maxton Manufacturing Company

Karl Keller (Marketing Director)


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