Elevator Professionals…Maxton Electronic Elevator Control Valve Launch!

Minden, NV – On August 1, 2016 Maxton Manufacturing Company announced its UC4/4M HD (High Duty) electronic elevator control valves will be released to the elevator industry at the United Montreal Exposition September 21, 2016.  That’s right…the pilot program is complete and the elevator industry can now reap the results.  Maxton listened to what elevator mechanics dislike about working with hydraulic elevator control valves and delivered the best solution yet.  Be sure to attend the electronic valve education session Wednesday September 21, 2016 presented by William Shrum IV at 2:30 pm in the Education Pavilion 1 and stop by the Maxton Booth #2022 with your job specifications and Maxton will size the correct valve.

Maxton took on the monumental task of creating an electronic elevator control valve for the North American elevator industry specifically to accomplish what others have not been able to finish.  As the leading manufacturer of elevator control valves in North America Maxton (Made in USA) devoted a decade to designing, development, and testing to create “the” electronic elevator control valve sure to be the envy of all elevator professionals.   “Based on our pilot program reviews there is no doubt those who know hydraulic elevator control valves will find the UC4/4M HD to be the best control valve they have experienced yet.

As great as this news is…this is just the beginning.  Maxton has the UC2A HD electronic control valve already underway.  That means elevator professionals will soon have an electronic control valve option that reaches the higher flow ranges required in most freight applications where the UC1A & UC2A are the backbone currently serving the industry.  So if you and your company are ready to get on board with the latest electronic elevator control valve technology, efficiency, and performance, Maxton welcomes the opportunity to deliver the goods.

Maxton Manufacturing Company serves all your OEM, new construction, modernization, replacement/repair and educational needs when it comes to the hydraulic elevator products we provide.  Explore our website http://maxtonvalve.com/ for more product information, free field training software, Mobile APP, news or see what customers are saying about Maxton.


Maxton Manufacturing Company

Karl Keller (Marketing Director)



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