Adjustment Procedures

These Maxton control valve adjustment procedures are made available for use by skilled hydraulic elevator professionals only.

Maxton recommends that if you aren’t successful in troubleshooting or adjusting a valve setting in 20 minutes, stop and call Maxton tech support 1-775-782-1700.

Proper valve adjustment optimizes the energy efficiency, ride, performance of the pump, motor and overall hydraulic elevator system.  Add life to your elevators…make sure control valves are adjusted within optimal ranges using files below or download the Maxton Mobile Mechanic APP.

UC4 / UC4M (304 KB)

UC4 / UC4M Spanish Version (164 KB)

UC4MR (263 KB)

UC1 / UC1A / UC2 / UC2A (384 KB)

EMV10 (1.37 MB)

Dual Hydraulic Controller Adjustment Procedure (308 KB)

OSV (336 KB)

Dual OSV Hydraulic Controller Adjustment Procedure (248 KB)

SafeTach Manual (688 KB)

(requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader)